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I open commissions once every month, on or near the beginning of the month.
I post when I open on twitter, tumblr, bluesky, & my discord server.
if you'd like a quote beforehand, feel free to message me!
commissions formI message everyone I've accepted the same day that I close the form.
if you need to back out and withdraw your commission, please let me know.
if you do not reply to me/pay me within one week of contact, I will assume you’re unavailable and will cancel your commission.

commissions terms of service

General- I will not draw anything that promotes hatespeech.
- Due to PayPal's age restrictions I cannot accept commissions from anyone under 18 years old.
Payment- All payment for commissions is made through PayPal invoices, in USD.
- Payment is required in full up-front before work is started.
- Refunds are available before the sketch is approved. Once the sketch is approved, refunds will not be given.
- If you would like to cancel a commission, please contact me first.
Progress- After receiving payment, I will send you a preview of the sketch stage of the commission. Once the sketch is approved I will finish the commission.
- No previews are sent for 50x50 pixel commissions.
- Most commissions are finished within the month. I will notify you of any delays.
- You will receive a PNG file of the final piece at full resolution. As these are digital commissions, you will not receive a physical copy.
Revisions- Significant edits may be requested at the sketch stage. Once the sketch is approved, only smaller edits will be considered.
- For character design commissions, larger edits may be asked for at any stage before completion.
- When asking for edits, please feel free to draw over my work to clarify what you're asking for.
- I am willing to make free small edits to a finished piece up until one month after its completion. I may charge for larger edits. I reserve the right to determine what constitutes a 'small' edit, and to decline edits after this period.
Copyright & ReproductionThe artist reserves the right to:
- The image itself, and can post it and use it publicly as I wish (unless you make a specific request for privacy, which can be discussed).
The commissioner has the right to:
- Post their commission online with proper credits to the artist.
- Print a copy of their commission for personal use only.
The commissioner or other parties may not:
- Claim the commission as their own work.
- Use any part of the commission for non fungible tokens (NFTs). Use of the commission for any advertising or profits associated with NFTs or cryptocurrency is prohibited.
- Use the commission for any commercial purposes (ie producing prints, shirts, badges, etc, to resell). Any and all uses of the commission must be purely personal with no financial gain. Commissions from me with the intent of commercial use must be discussed beforehand.
Last updated: 17/11/2021

designs terms of service

In addition to my commissions terms of service, character designs created by me are subject to these terms:Ownership- All of my character designs are sold on a personal use basis only.
- You can sell, trade, and gift any of my designs.
- You don't have to sell for the same price you bought at, and you can sell if you traded to get the design.
- Design edits are allowed. You may change the species, but if you are changing them into a closed species, you must have the permission of the species' creator first.
- If you edit the original art made by me, please label it as edited.
- Please credit me as the creator of the design (arboret @
- All payment is made through PayPal invoices in USD.
- All payment is due immediately after claiming unless a payment plan has been discussed.
- Upon payment, you will receive the PNG file of the un-watermarked image of the design.

all prices are subject to a potential increase for detailed characters or prompts.
additional characters are extra, please ask for a quote!

small pixel sprite (50x50px)

big pixel sprite (~100x100px)

these usually end up bigger than 100x100px;
if you want it to be exactly 100x100 please let me know!



very simple backgrounds (flat color, one or two props) start at $280.
more complex backgrounds start at $340.

character design

character designs are additionally subject to my designs TOS.when writing up your prompt, please include as many details as possible!very small accessories (ring, bracelet, etc) are free.
bigger accessories, outfits, and shading are extra.
I will happily design closed species characters if you have a MYO slot!
edits required for MYO approval are subject to my TOS.